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Classic Fireplace (VFP812)

R 18,000.00

The Classic Fireplace is a timeless addition to the home. Capable of heating an area in a large home of up to 108m2. Merging elements of stainless steel,  heat resistant coatings, tempered fireglass and tasteful design application, the Classic Fireplace creates a warm ambience in any setting.

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The Classic Fireplace is as eye catching as it is warming. The Classic Fireplace’s 9Kw heating capacity, is designed to warm up a large home. The stainless steel finish of the Classic Fireplace mesmerises guests while keeping the ambiance merry all evening. The Classic Fireplace is a magnificent addition to any entertainment area.

  • Heat Output : 9kW
  • Gas Consumption per hour (on high) : 0,64kg
  • Maximum heat capacity : 108m², 360m³
  • Vent-free (No Flue or Chimney Required)
  • Completely clean burning
  • 100% Heat efficient
  • Built-In (Recessed)
  • 2 Year Guarantee


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